Tatio Geyser Field, Chile photographed by Owen Perry


This is the coolest thing. A “pyroboard” used to visualize sound in two dimensions, as opposed to the classic Ruben’s Tube to visualize a standing wave in one dimension. (Throwback to physics.) The first part of the video is an explanation of how it works (the highest fundamental is the coolest) and then music lights up the board around 3:38.


I’ve been working on a photo series that I’m really proud of that incorporates art and science. I posted what I have so far to my long-neglected flickr. I was curious to get some feedback. It’s a very technical project. Maybe too technical? I talk about math a lot. The only comment I got (which I have since deleted) was on a picture of me wearing some tights. In this image I was writing about how neurons in V1 are selective for straight lines with certain orientations. I wrote about how the tuning of one of these cells is like introversion — you’re very specific about what you like, and anything outside of your comfort zone causes you to die down. The tights I was wearing had a tessellating diamond pattern. The one comment I got was from NSFW flickr user who likes sheer tights:


Sorry, no, I will not be posting a collection of pictures of my legs in sheer tights just because you’re obsessed with tights. Please look at my photo for what it is intended to convey, which has very little to do with tights. Just take me seriously. Don’t understand the neuroscience I’m talking about? Ask me about it. Not interested in the science? Just move on. This project is about the fusion between art and science, it’s not about my collection of tights.